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Journal feature for nero-IQ

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2011, 6:58 PM

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Yep,  is for this great artist

:star: nero-IQ :iconnero-iq:

D AND NERO by nero-IQHIRO IS SO SEXY.....not by nero-IQredstring base  tristan n hiro by nero-IQWOOT LLAMAS by nero-IQ
com Gardevoir1997 by nero-IQBASE USED- my real family by nero-IQX QUINN X by nero-IQGA : komouri by nero-IQ
CHIBI ME!!!!! by nero-IQBANG by nero-IQFA: quinn by nero-IQDEFECTIVE by nero-IQ my clothes XD by nero-IQnew o.c DALTON by nero-IQX party hard X by nero-IQOC-light by nero-IQ
GA - susie by nero-IQfursona design GA by nero-IQdoodle-karkat by nero-IQRUN PEWDIE RUN by nero-IQ
CO-jack by nero-IQsteampunk OC : keiran by nero-IQCAPRAIN-FECKIN-KIRKLAND by nero-IQAT with paralysed-freak by nero-IQ
Krosfox :kyo ref level 9 by nero-IQFA-ace by nero-IQsuck it losers by nero-IQX why can't i be him X by nero-IQ
trying something new by nero-IQparty.all.night by nero-IQGA:ASHY by nero-IQNEROS NEW REF by nero-IQ
new oc -KATO by nero-IQGA-kuki by nero-IQX IGGY ID X by nero-IQX oh hai their sexy people X by nero-IQ
X welcome friends X by nero-IQms paint-techno by nero-IQmondays.... by nero-IQmusic is life and rainbows by nero-IQ

Skin by duhcoolies (modified by Maleiva)
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Submitted on
December 21, 2011