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Submitted on
October 22, 2011



Journal feature for SaLuVi

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 22, 2011, 9:01 PM

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Yep,  is for this great artist

:star: SaLuVi :iconsaluvi:

Ora for Mar by SaLuViDiana for Nanaihime by SaLuViAdrian for Mellon by SaLuViArt trade 1 for Mal by SaLuVi
Kiribian Prize for Maleiva by SaLuViArt trade with Usagi-Okami by SaLuViArt trade with Mal by SaLuViJillia- for reaperoftthenight by SaLuVi
Quick BG practice by SaLuViCity by SaLuViOC: Esmel by SaLuVi Prologe... maybe
there's a lot of misteries in this world
many of which should never be solved,
and yet,
I've taken into my own hands
the solving of a mystery that could cost me my life.
"Why?" you ask.
"what could be so important that you would actually risk dieing?"
I have to say,
I'm not sure.
But I won't give up...
and one day, I'll make it,
I'll be able
"to see her again."

Soraya Chibi by SaLuViTo school by SaLuViNew Coloring Technique by SaLuViSoraya Character Design by SaLuVi
Whatcha doooooooing? by SaLuViChibi1 by SaLuViChibi 2 by SaLuViComic practice by SaLuVi
Music by SaLuViCheck The Hair by SaLuViThe Mask of a Smile by SaLuViBallerina by SaLuVi
fake HD screenshot :P by SaLuViTime to Relax by SaLuViBy the Lake by SaLuViPoster by SaLuVi
Bitter Sweet-draft 1 ch1
Chapter 1
I wake up to the damp smell of spring. My room is in the farthest corner of the mansion; hidden at the end of the hall in the second floor. I chose this room myself. I wanted to be far away from the hassle of family life. How long have I been here? I wonder. One, two, eight months? I'm not sure; I can't even tell the difference between day and night anymore. I used to be able to tell by the calm sound of passing traffic during the day, and the howl of gun shots at night. I heard the cries of babies constantly. Just a whimper from them makes me irritated; I couldn't even sleep. That is far behind, or is it? My mind won't let it die.
"Crystal? Are you awake?" I hear Mrs. Everlight's soft voice; it must be coming from the door. I roll over in my bed. The warm sheets call me back to sleep.
"Crystal please wake up. Breakfast is ready," She's now closer. I feel a tug at the blanket, I wish not to wake. I mumble to her that I'm tired, that I wish to sleep more; I know she can't hear
feathers and tears by SaLuViMio by SaLuViNeko by SaLuVi
Cat Ninja by SaLuViUnder the City lights by SaLuViDerrek no Teme by SaLuViHello ID by SaLuVi
Day at the Park by SaLuViRD: Portrait Practice by SaLuViShe knows---fake screenshot by SaLuViGaara by SaLuVi
Drawing Day 2011 by SaLuViCommission for Mal by SaLuViLivestream feb-18-2011 by SaLuViThat's not what I meant by SaLuVi
Miku Chibi by SaLuViHatsune Miku by SaLuVinew Avi Full size and design by SaLuVi...dfgliahdsgf by SaLuVi

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