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Journal feature for MattMan-Loftus

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 16, 2011, 7:59 PM

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Yep,  is for this great artist

:star: MattMan-Loftus  :iconmattman-loftus:

Batman Swarming in the Moonlight by MattMan-LoftusRose Taquiner VI by MattMan-LoftusRose Taquiner V by MattMan-LoftusRose Taquiner IV by MattMan-Loftus
Rose Taquiner III by MattMan-LoftusRose Taquiner III by MattMan-LoftusRose Taquiner II by MattMan-LoftusRose Taquiner I by MattMan-Loftus
Avengers-inks by marciotakara by MattMan-LoftusJoli Xenia avec gryphons bebe. by MattMan-LoftusWilma Deering2 by Dukkeofdeath by MattMan-LoftusBlinky Hoover by MattMan-Loftus
Joli Xenia Avec les Ailes by MattMan-LoftusHalcon clashes with Eidechse by MattMan-LoftusBaiser de la silhouette by MattMan-LoftusFlag in Heber. by MattMan-Loftus
Aras Rikkel by MattMan-LoftusMs Curtis by MattMan-LoftusDarth-Wroth in Hall with saber by MattMan-LoftusCrystal's pose by MattMan-Loftus
Cheryl on a hot Roof. by MattMan-LoftusCumPowChiki by MattMan-LoftusCherylaire by MattMan-LoftusEvil Maniacal Decepitcon-Dave by MattMan-Loftus
Donne di Volo lupo-mannaro dol by MattMan-LoftusDarth Zodd, Lord of Blood Sith by MattMan-LoftusDonne di Volo template by MattMan-LoftusMy Friend of Farscape by MattMan-Loftus
Solm nurtures Halcon by MattMan-LoftusSolm Bautizar by MattMan-LoftusSolm for dusk by MattMan-LoftusSolm Gaze by MattMan-Loftus
arana - Muerte en Mano by MattMan-LoftusCobre Luz - Muerte en Mano by MattMan-LoftusPavio de vela by MattMan-LoftusLacrime di Eden. by MattMan-Loftus

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Submitted on
October 16, 2011