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Journal feature for Godline

Journal Entry: Sat May 19, 2012, 10:45 PM

:iconblue-jplz: :iconblue-oplz: :iconblue-uplz: :iconblue-rplz: :iconblue-nplz: :iconblue-aplz: :iconblue-lplz:

:iconblue-fplz: :iconblue-eplz: :iconblue-aplz: :iconblue-tplz: :iconblue-uplz: :iconblue-rplz: :iconblue-eplz:

Yep,  is for this great artist

:star: Godline :icongodline:

Water Dragon by GodlineBroken Corps by GodlineBeforecast by GodlineDark candy by Godline
Raven Frequently by GodlineFluid Leak by GodlineFreedom Rock by GodlineLizard Guard by Godline
Dragonwaves by GodlineJoyride by GodlineOmnipet by GodlineEternal Fortitude by Godline
Kid Kaprieello by Godline

Mature Content

Truth Through Chaos by Godline
:thumb188658981:Abyssal_Red by Godline
Almostpresent by GodlineHalo Pro by GodlineSplinter Cell Anonymous by GodlineRaphael by Godline
Max (Close up) by GodlineLost in Fear by GodlineRetaliation by GodlineKit by Godline
My buddy by GodlineLinken by GodlinePhase Dragon by GodlineRed Dragon by Godline
Winter Dragon by GodlineVegeta Colab by Godlinedragon thoughts by GodlineInner Dragon by Godline
:thumb296430558:Digital Flower by GodlineWatching by GodlineThe Gimp by Godline
I am the last ORANGE LANTERN! by GodlineWorld Change by GodlinePeace and Warcry by GodlineFocused by Godline

Skin by duhcoolies (modified by Maleiva)
Godline Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Professional Artist
WOW. Never had someone do something like this for me. I have tears going down my face. :) You are an amazing person with a big heart. So now i must return the favor with a picture. :) Thank you so much!!
Maleiva Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem!
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May 19, 2012


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