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Journal feature for EmmaLoffler

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 29, 2011, 11:10 PM

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Yep,  is for this great artist

:star: EmmaLoffler :iconemmaloffler:

Colourful World by EmmaLofflerA beautiful evening by EmmaLofflerViolet Path by EmmaLofflerCold Path II by EmmaLoffler
Cold Path by EmmaLofflerOrange Road by EmmaLofflerShallow Waters by EmmaLofflerRock Pool by EmmaLoffler
The orb in the sky by EmmaLofflerVolcanic Eruption by EmmaLofflerDistant Sun by EmmaLofflerI love... by EmmaLoffler
One by EmmaLofflerLaser Galaxy by EmmaLofflerLight in Motion by EmmaLofflera touch of magic by EmmaLoffler
light ball by EmmaLofflerLasers 10 by EmmaLofflerMagic In My Sky by EmmaLofflerPink Celebration by EmmaLoffler
Red Arrows by EmmaLofflerbutterscotch by EmmaLofflerYou caught me... by EmmaLofflerPondering by EmmaLoffler
Precious little thing... by EmmaLofflerYouth by EmmaLofflerLittle Japanese Garden by EmmaLofflerMy world is spinning by EmmaLoffler
... by EmmaLofflerAnd then there were four by EmmaLofflerLittle Cutie.. by EmmaLofflerBeautiful Swan by EmmaLoffler
Cold Berries by EmmaLofflerThe orb shines by EmmaLofflerRed and green by EmmaLofflerall alone by EmmaLoffler
big eyes by EmmaLofflerFollow me by EmmaLofflerA few more Cherry Blossoms. by EmmaLofflerI'm not an orange by EmmaLoffler

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Submitted on
October 29, 2011