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Submitted on
September 18, 2012


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Feature number 56

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 18, 2012, 4:04 PM

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A Journal feature for users, a compilation of topics. A big hello to all participants.

1) :iconthemoonmonkey:
Sunglare by TheMoonMonkeySidra Sitting. by TheMoonMonkeyRelax Bro. by TheMoonMonkey

2) :iconappleblossomgirl:
Sunflower by AppleBlossomGirlForest II by AppleBlossomGirlDucks by AppleBlossomGirl

3) :iconsmoppet:
Fragile Eye by Smoppet

4) :iconrosaarvensis:
Grapes II by rosaarvensisWrzos II by rosaarvensisWatching sunsets together by rosaarvensis

5) :iconsandrorybak:
Forest Lizard by SandroRybakDemonic Explosion by SandroRybak

6) :iconpemamendez:

7) :icontiffanytong:
Growing Up by tiffanytongThe Blue Blood by tiffanytong

8) :iconsariels-hope:
Quench My Thirst by Sariels-HopeThe Patient Hunter Redux by Sariels-HopeRed Sun Rising by Sariels-Hope

9) :iconsirens-of-rose:
I Do. by Sirens-of-RoseListen by Sirens-of-RosePainter by Sirens-of-Rose

10) :icondesiree-amber-moore:
Fierce Company by desiree-amber-mooreHappy Accidents by desiree-amber-mooreDeep Inside (Linework) by desiree-amber-moore

11) :iconeleyan:

12) :icontheblackbullets:
Pokemon Hunter Mowzzie by TheBlackBulletsJamie by TheBlackBullets

13) :iconovidiu-hiei:
Pokemon Sculpture by Ovidiu-HieiGyarados and Magikarp Details by Ovidiu-HieiDragonair and Mew Details by Ovidiu-Hiei

14) :iconalykat:
Patience by AlyKatLandscapers by AlyKatTree Spirit by AlyKat

15) :iconjorani2194:
Lady GaGa by jorani2194Narcissa Malfoy by jorani2194Third by jorani2194

16) :iconlmh4:
Old Time Royal Chibi Girl by lmh4Shades of Green by lmh4Sitting Amongst The Storm by lmh4

17) :iconbillsblip:
Kitty dreams by billsblip Read a Book by billsblipEntropy of the Kitty by billsblip

18) :iconenuocale:
All Those Not Among The Chosen by EnuoCaleBael by EnuoCaleChrist Minus One by EnuoCale

19) :iconjackfrozz:
Kodan by jackfrozz

20) :iconaikaarfeiniel:
Fluffy tail by AikaArfeiniel

21) :iconjustlynnweav:
Patches portrait silhouette by JustLynnWeavIG - wintertime in Romanovia by JustLynnWeavJr -Visions of Junior and Jake by JustLynnWeav

22) :iconmrwillleh:
Checkmate... by MrWillLehThe Son of the Prince of Darkness... by MrWillLeh

23) :iconrinflorin:
Hands III by RinFlorinThe Power of Hands project IV by RinFlorinHands I by RinFlorin

24) :iconisho13:
Dancing Fairy by Isho13Children's game by Isho13Lost by Isho13

25) :iconzalcoti:
Natu by ZalcotiAzorean Landscape 1 by ZalcotiHeat Wave by Zalcoti

26) :iconbonnieknox:
Far away from Home by BonnieKnoxChained (color) by BonnieKnoxBeautiful Dexter (gone) by BonnieKnox

27) :iconnicofroehberg:
Falling Asleep by NicoFroehbergThe feeling of sunrise by NicoFroehbergLiving Jewel by NicoFroehberg

28) :iconacefishy:
Weapon Meister Mao by AcefishyGet the joke :D by AcefishyPlaying outside :D by Acefishy

29) :iconma-graphics:
Keep Spinning by MA-GraphicsWant some Dressing? by MA-GraphicsStairway to Hell by MA-Graphics

30) :icondpasschier:
Awaiting Restoration by DPasschierMudcake 2 by DPasschierCoast 2007 by DPasschier

31) :iconmiipanyaa:
Our Red Thread of Fate by MiipanyaaMiipa~! by MiipanyaaDilemma by Miipanyaa

32) :iconlostonwallace:
Spider-Man VS Kraven The Hunter by LostonWallaceMagnus Robot Fighter Commission by LostonWallaceZatanna and a Couple of Boobs in Color by LostonWallace

33) :iconemilialys:
The Road to Adventure by EmiliAlysOrcish lady Eska by EmiliAlysLost in the woods by EmiliAlys

34) :iconzonnevlokje:
My world in black and white by zonnevlokjeNantes by zonnevlokjeStairs by zonnevlokje

35) :iconasynja:
My Turn by AsynjaNew Horizons by AsynjaRough Seas by Asynja

36) :iconthe-demons-within:
The Queen Of Butterflies by The-Demons-WithinLara Croft - Tomb Raider by The-Demons-WithinThe Only Gift To Give by The-Demons-Within

37) :iconsafek:
Ban'Qras The Purple Spectre - Frame by SafekAzeviel Rising by SafekMecha Cockpit by Safek

38) :iconnamae-san:
For the Cherry Country by Namae-sanUntitled by Namae-sanCat the Mighty by Namae-san

39) :iconsarahmarty:
whisper by sarahmartybike . by sarahmartyfragile by sarahmarty

40) :iconjosegoncalo:
Butterfly by josegoncalo

41) :iconhugomaster5:
Eve by hugomaster5The Poet by hugomaster5Red Riding Hood by hugomaster5

42) :iconbluesoulber:
... Experiment ... by BlueSoulber

43) :iconpuccanoodles2009:
Karin McKonnoroy- Poof Hair by PuccaNoodles2009

44) :iconjellyxbat:
Elf by jellyxbatGetsuga Ichigo by jellyxbatLegolas :3 by jellyxbat

45) :iconnarrenzauber:

46) :iconstudpup:
Maternity Shoot - 1 by studpupMaternity Shoot - 2 by studpupGrizzly on Grouse by studpup

47) :iconallieweasley:

48) :iconbeanzomatic:
Dying To See You by beanzomaticThe Living Dead Girl by beanzomatic

49) :iconspiritofdarkness:
I can see you  by SpiritofdarknessSubDimensional Dream Passage by SpiritofdarknessBackdoor by Spiritofdarkness

50) :iconthemaze:
Altered Polarities by ThemazeCravings of the Critic by ThemazeThe Principle of Stagnation by Themaze

51) :iconnur8:

52) :icontaibossigai:
The Flight by taibossigaiHorse and butterflies by taibossigaiGuardian by taibossigai

53) :iconsamuraj-szadzik:
Starcatcher by samuraj-SZADZIKCheer up by samuraj-SZADZIKI seem to be struck by you by samuraj-SZADZIK

54) :iconmanishachan:
:thumb281954975:Characters by ManishaChan:thumb308486442:

55) :iconeirlude:
Daydreaming by eirludeThe Journey Home by eirlude

56) :iconcansounofargentina:
Southern Right Whale I by CansounofargentinaTren a las nubes by CansounofargentinaRed panda IV by Cansounofargentina

57) :iconsmilingturtle:
Chibi Naruto Fan Art by smilingturtle

58) :iconmannyyannipennynanny:
Innocence by mannyyannipennynannyRed Heroine by mannyyannipennynanny

59) :icontinymushroom:
Love can hurt by TinyMushroom:thumb267727385:what by TinyMushroom

60) :iconthat-moody-artist:
With the Wind by that-moody-artistRainbow by that-moody-artistCareless Whisper by that-moody-artist

61) :iconaaaaalima:
CLAC CCC: 'Ini kan anak kita!' #BUKAN by aaaaalimay e l l o w by aaaaalimas h i a m by aaaaalima

62) :icondr-aim:
Forgotten Battles by Dr-AimDigital studydump third edition by Dr-AimFarewell - Art trade by Dr-Aim

63) :iconniksc:

64) :iconcoferosa:
Top of the World by Coferosa

65) :iconelicandy:

66) :iconhui-li:

67) :iconnovusforma:

68) :iconady20079:
Illusory Happiness by ady20079Joy Caffe by ady20079:thumb325284784:

69) :icondonttellme:
New Lighting Kit by DonttellmeColossal by DonttellmeSoft by Donttellme

70) :iconohanlon:
arthurlet by ohanlon

71) :iconrubbe:
Grubby by rubbeMuskelinsect by rubbeOportet Esse by rubbe

72) :icondavide76:
Darkcat1999+Davide by DAVIDE76Aldo says 3 by DAVIDE76Free cat base colored by DAVIDE76

Skin by duhcoolies (modified by Maleiva)
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