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August 7, 2012
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Tue Aug 7, 2012, 12:43 AM
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A Journal feature for users, a compilation of topics. A big hello to all participants.

1) :iconjustifi-cation:
Fishdrop Pendant by justifi-cationthree/five/seven by justifi-cation:thumb317769659:

2) :icontronik808:
Wormfood by tronik808Meltoid Returns by tronik808say cheeeese by tronik808

3) :iconlittlemisshufflepuff:
Igex Is All Grown Up by littlemisshufflepuffNose Kiss by littlemisshufflepuffLittle Red Riding Hood by littlemisshufflepuff

4) :iconkika1983:
Spring-To Milena by kika1983Cherry blossom koi dragon-commission by kika1983Spirit of Achillies tattoo-commission by kika1983

5) :iconnoxxut:
Going For Gold by noxxut

6) :iconrainylake:
Companion by rainylakeTwig by rainylakeGrey Eyes by rainylake

7) :icontouiya:

8) :iconamayaells:
03. Making HistoryHow can you know what will make it into the history books? Why would they wish to remember you, or your partner? Most of the time you can never know what actions may make history, but sometimes you can catch a glimpse of what they may one day say of you. This was one of those rare moments.
Nereza watched the council chambers carefully, each moment giving her more time to think over the actions she had planned. She didn't want that time, but it couldn't be helped. She stood beside a huge tapestry, out in the open, yet she seemed to melt into the wall. She had lost sight of the others already, she knew they hadn't moved but with each moment the spell had deepened until they were all practically invisible. She caught a flash of movement and had to stifle the urge to swear, don't move she had told them, it will break the spell for a moment. At least the council was not here yet.
The council filed in, the king, his advisor and five prominent lords of the land. The king was a tall figure, th
Casting RunesongsA Blurb
Angels and demons have been in a war for thousands of years, waged in the skies above a neutral human kingdom. Few remember what started the war, but it continues through racial hatred and continued wartime atrocities committed by both parties. Demons and angels both seek the favour of the lesser human beings in order to gain a small strategic edge, but time and time again wise kings, or wise advisors have turned them down, maintaining an uneasy equality in their kingdoms.
Yethzer is a member of the Demonguard, an order of demons equal to great generals when not protecting their king in battle. One day, on a routine training reconnaissance mission he and his young flock are attacked by a group vastly different from any they have encountered before. They are attacked by a flock of demons supported by an angel choir, an impossibility due to the strong inherited hatred in every single member of both races. Yethzer alone escapes and takes his story to the humans, s

9) :iconhonhon53:
TEEN TOP - C.A.P. by HonHon53

10) :iconbeanzomatic:
Sentiment by beanzomaticI am Jacks Cold Sweat by beanzomaticDisillusion by beanzomatic

11) :iconj4d3:
Roxanne by j4d3Prayer by j4d3Attempt by j4d3

12) :iconkerokees:

13) :iconnarcaholic:

14) :iconrashii-stormii:
Yes I have Little Toes, I Can Kill You With Just 1 by Rashii-StormiiBloody The Mint Tray And Burn it Down by Rashii-StormiiHello World by Rashii-Stormii

15) :iconcahotic:
Even mother earth sleeps by CahoticSweet Summer Dreams by CahoticDeep Slumber (Night) by Cahotic

16) :iconnoodles919:
Dakota Fanning by noodles919Deciding point by noodles919Daito Shunsuke by noodles919

17) :iconls777:
Crushed Rock by Ls777Extinction by Ls777Burnt Sienna by Ls777

18) :icondedeartist:
Sing it girl! by dedeartistMen Like You by dedeartistgood day sunshine by dedeartist

19) :iconcatzilladk:
Peacock by CatzillaDKIt's Medusa bitches! by CatzillaDKSurrounded by the flowers by CatzillaDK

20) :iconvargson:
The strong one by VargsonFirst Flowers by VargsonSeagulls by Vargson

21) :iconfridouw:
Iron by fridouwDrumming in my head by fridouwLike a child by fridouw

22) :iconlovelyinblack:
Jade Agatha by LovelyinblackRue by Lovelyinblack

23) :iconmylastel:
I Like Being Myself by mylastelYour Highness by mylastelThis Mindset... by mylastel

24) :iconelectrifried:
Alone Together by electrifried

25) :iconmisaera:

26) :icontoribiohazard:
The Path of Misery by ToriBiohazardDisambiguation by ToriBiohazard Hush. by ToriBiohazard

27) :icondevine-escapes:
Lithadelic Steps, Flowing Stone by Devine-EscapesFlowing Wall Detail by Devine-EscapesLog Arbor with Benches by Devine-Escapes

28) :icondiminishedrage:
Real Love.. by DiminishedRageBang! by DiminishedRageInner demons by DiminishedRage

29) :iconsigbjornpedersen:
Warrior-Princess Andrea by SigbjornPedersen

30) :iconrotegruetze:
Elf/ Demon of Woods by RoteGruetzeMiranda Bookmark by RoteGruetzeTarot Card II - The High Priestess by RoteGruetze

31) :iconalexettinger:
Grasses no. 2 by alexettingerHeavens by alexettingerLake Abraham by alexettinger

32) :iconmystiquedeep:
Abandoned Dreams by MystiqueDeepUnderwater World by MystiqueDeepValiant Knight by MystiqueDeep

32) :iconaemeya:

33) :iconthebizarrebirdcage:
Platform 9 3/4 -keep it traditional- by TheBizarreBirdcage

34) :icondramathrills:

35) :iconthe-demons-within:
Princess Of The Wolves by The-Demons-WithinWho Knows What Tales The Water Can Tell by The-Demons-WithinHappy Halloween by The-Demons-Within

36) :icongilgaphoenixignis:
Sci-Fi by GilgaPhoenixIgnisChimeric Dragon by GilgaPhoenixIgnisOlympia by GilgaPhoenixIgnis

37) :iconravenseyetravislacey:
Robb Stark and Grey Wind Game of thrones by RavenseyeTravisLaceyKale city squre by RavenseyeTravisLaceyThe Fishing Port by RavenseyeTravisLacey

38) :icondageeling007:
413 by Dageeling007

39) :iconarchonoffate:
Journey's End by ArchonofFateOriginal Character: Zana by ArchonofFateArcane Lock Seal by ArchonofFate

40) :iconbattle-for-the-sun:
In The Shadows by Battle-for-the-SunBlooming Heart by Battle-for-the-SunTraces of Time by Battle-for-the-Sun

41) :iconecho2themoon:
A belly dancer by echo2themoonAquarius divine by echo2themoonjust in the nick of time by echo2themoon

42) :iconsidneyj06:
Broken by sidneyj06Frosted by sidneyj06Xmas Rope by sidneyj06

43) :iconcyborghyena:
Don't stop talking to me by cyborghyenaDirt's scar by cyborghyenaRiver Sketch by cyborghyena

44) :iconpapillonparisien:
Bugalated by PapillonParisienEliza Dushku by PapillonParisienJuliet Landau Portrait by PapillonParisien

45) :iconcyberlogic:
Chillin With My Beats T-Shirt Design by CyberLogic

46) :iconscarael:
PyRo DemonLord by ScaraelPyRo Cherub by ScaraelArchangel by Scarael

47) :iconscylla:
Footprint by scylla142 by scyllaColor Push by scylla

48) :iconkellerac:
Be slow but don't stop by KellerACWhat makes you happy? by KellerACI won't bite by KellerAC

49) :iconprehnite:
Konata Izumi Lucky Star chibi by PrehniteKitty Portrait by PrehniteDigital Coloring Example by Prehnite

50) :icongnopur:
Before the craze of Olympics by gnopurSanosuke Sagara by gnopurAs the day fades away by gnopur

51) :iconviridianne:
Xion by viridianneSorrow by viridiannePeter Andersen by viridianne

52) :iconsteeeffiii:
Coldness by SteeeffiiiButterfly V by SteeeffiiiLondon II by Steeeffiii

53) :iconamaranthussanctus:
Sidwalk Island by AmaranthusSanctusBroken Ice, Wood and Leaves by AmaranthusSanctusTree Framed with Concrete by AmaranthusSanctus

54) :iconkareldeg77:
Where two worlds meet... by kareldeg77

Skin by Nobody
A Journal feature for users, a compilation of topics. A big hello to all participants
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