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September 19, 2011


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Feature number 46

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 19, 2011, 3:54 PM

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A Journal feature for users, a compilation of topics. A big hello to all participants.

1)  :iconphilliewig:
Without You by Philliewig Sullen Angel by Philliewig

2) :icondoodlescribble:
Heavy Weaponry by doodlescribble Blake by doodlescribble Scarlet Shockwaves by doodlescribble

3) :icontheblackbullets:
Oh Really Now by TheBlackBullets Long Way Down pt 1It was one of the biggest buildings in the world. 180 floors, and we were going to have to get to the top. It all started a month ago when we got an e-mail from a Nurse Joy from this city. Apparently, her Audino went missing and wanted to employ us to go find it. We were only going to get one grand for the gig, and since that really can't feed us, we half-assed the search. After two weeks, we gave up and were about to head back home when we got a bunch more letters from other Nurse Joys from around the city, complaining about the same thing. Suddenly, one grand per Audino didn't seem like such a bad idea. Our informant (of whom we never really wanted business with) caught wind of what we were doing and wanted to help.  We had no leads, so we figured we'd let him do all the work. Which lead us here, gawking at the sheer height of the damn thing. To wandering visitors, it looks like a normal...well, not exactly normal, but you catch my drift, insurance office building. The CEO

4) :iconwindiedragon:
Will-o-Wisps by WindieDragon Anthro Arcanine Chibi by WindieDragon Mightyena by WindieDragon

5) :iconstardustshadow:
Welcome to Hueco Mundo by StarDustShadow This is New York City by StarDustShadow Palumpolum -FFXIII- by StarDustShadow

6) :iconreluin:
Scorpion by Reluin Don't Worry by Reluin Human Soul by Reluin

7) :iconemirasmussen:
Cuddle by emirasmussen Dreds by emirasmussen Saltaire Beach by emirasmussen

8) :icontallulahprewett:
Clover wings by TallulahPrewett Wooden Lizard I by TallulahPrewett Proud Flower by TallulahPrewett

9) :iconcheckyman:
Where The Shadows Lie II by Checkyman Sauron. by Checkyman A Brother Of Steel by Checkyman

10) :iconzodiarkdarkja:
Future Scenes II-Alien Tech by ZodiarkDarkja

11) :iconnbernardo:
Leaving Eden by nbernardo What We All Come To Need by nbernardo Linda Martini I by nbernardo

12) :icontrzydziesty-czerwca:
:thumb258227137: :thumb257550023: :thumb252055152:

13) :iconhadarniel:
Leikata by Hadarniel Invitation of the Cursed by Hadarniel Sail to the Stars by Hadarniel

14) :icondaniellesylvan:
Losing It by daniellesylvan

15) :iconbdec:
Hubert J. Farnsworth by bdec The best doctor ever... by bdec Lucky Charm by bdec

16) :icontheredridinghood:
I Malavoglia by TheRedRidingHood

17) :icondk-studio:
Guns 'n Chains by DK-Studio

18) :icondownpoured:
Anticipation by downpoured

19) :iconinishtin:

20) :iconrabidwater:
Body 1 by RabidWater Body 2 by RabidWater

21) :iconaeon-100:
pego do inferno by aeon-100 Moonrise by aeon-100

22) :icontriinerg:
Daylight by TriinErg x - Chinese water dragon by TriinErg Coffee by TriinErg

23) :iconkaytara:
Travellers by Kaytara Strange Encounter by Kaytara Banner of Hope by Kaytara

24) :iconj-button:
Unfinished Portrait by J-Button In the Cold Darkness by J-Button

25) :iconangel-n-disguise:
Little Miss Kitty by angel-n-disguise Kitty by angel-n-disguise A kitten named Bear by angel-n-disguise

26) :iconohhitsworking:
Janell Shirtcliff Portrait 2 by ohhitsworking

27) :iconscarlettjean:
:thumb258658889: :thumb255430258: :thumb257394902:

28) :iconsake-bento:
fan art. laki day by maioceaneyes Kagamine Curry by sake-bento

29) :iconcadydid:
Visitor by cadydid Eeyore by cadydid Hop by cadydid

30) :iconforwhom:
General Stamford by ForWhom Ira by ForWhom  Simbiosis by ForWhom

31) :iconhkoub:
Brought to fantasy by HKoub

32) :iconannsquare:
Asleep on the Sand by annsquare Flowers by annsquare The First Step by annsquare

33) :iconkiarablackphotograph:
September Editorial I by KiaraBlackPhotograph

34) :iconcrash-love-burn:
:thumb258790231: :thumb258752247: :thumb258639153:

35) :iconjaneinar:
Mac Guava by JanEinar You're Under Arrest by JanEinar Dark Shadow Play by JanEinar

36) :iconemilka1258:
40. Ewelina by emilka1258 39. Aleksandra Z. by emilka1258 38. Aleksandra Z. by emilka1258

37) :icontatababy:
:thumb258913905: :thumb258403073:

38) :icongreencore:

39) :iconmybigblackdraft:
Colorful Eyes by MyBigBlackDraft Majestic by MyBigBlackDraft Heart of Clare close up by MyBigBlackDraft

40) :icontonedeafbard:
Smile by ToneDeafBard Uchiha Myuki by ToneDeafBard

Skin by duhcoolies (modified by Maleiva)
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Thank you got including me there too :thanks:
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so many thanks for the feature, I really liked the others, and the theme is great ;)
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emirasmussen Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011
Thanks so much for the feature! :hug: :D
Maleiva Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
your welcome
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Thank you so much :iconhappytimeplz:
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