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March 27, 2012
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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 27, 2012, 4:53 PM

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A Journal feature for users, a compilation of topics. A big hello to all participants.

1) :iconamayaells:
Red DustPainted by the red dust
We shoulder the weight
Scoured by the red winds
We carry the future
Connected to our origins
But never to return
We answer to Earth's people
Yet this planet is our own
Can we carry our own future
And cease being used?
Can we gain our independence
Without fighting a whole world?
Painted by the red dust
We shoulder the weight
Scoured by the red winds
We carry the future
See These ShacklesI put my head in my hands, how did I end up here of all places. The place where I would be the least welcome, the place where everyone hated me for what I was. They didn't care who I was, or how I came to be there, or even that I was there quite legally. I looked up into the eyes of the officer above me, gasping for breath. He was looking through my papers, trying to find a fault that was not there. He would find it too, anyway to punish me for being different. They wouldn't send me back though, back to where I came from. If I was sent back there I could go where ever I wished again, as long as I avoided this hellhole. I put my head down again, not looking at him. Finally he stopped reading and whacked me over the back of the head.
"What's this here?"
I looked at the print he was pointing to, "The expiry date, six days from now."
"Exactly this will expire while you are here."
"I was expecting to get it renewed."
"It takes months for approval to go through here."
"I had not expected to
Casting RunesongsA Blurb
Angels and demons have been in a war for thousands of years, waged in the skies above a neutral human kingdom. Few remember what started the war, but it continues through racial hatred and continued wartime atrocities committed by both parties. Demons and angels both seek the favour of the lesser human beings in order to gain a small strategic edge, but time and time again wise kings, or wise advisors have turned them down, maintaining an uneasy equality in their kingdoms.
Yethzer is a member of the Demonguard, an order of demons equal to great generals when not protecting their king in battle. One day, on a routine training reconnaissance mission he and his young flock are attacked by a group vastly different from any they have encountered before. They are attacked by a flock of demons supported by an angel choir, an impossibility due to the strong inherited hatred in every single member of both races. Yethzer alone escapes and takes his story to the humans, s

2) :iconnudedoctor:

3) :icongarymcloughlin:
SilentHill Digital Painting by GaryMcLoughlinR.E.M. Concert Poster by GaryMcLoughlinElephant Painting by GaryMcLoughlin

4) :icondpasschier:
Cloud Burst by DPasschierQuintessence by DPasschierGrazing by DPasschier

5) :iconjadedsphnix:
With These Wings by JadedSphnixChildhood Dreams by JadedSphnixMusic Is...Love by JadedSphnix

6) :iconthebaldingone:
Roche Abbey Waterfall... by TheBaldingOneOrange Sky... by TheBaldingOneWhat's in here..? by TheBaldingOne

7) :iconequave:
Bazinga! by EquaveThe girl with the dragon tattoo by Equave

8) :iconzachcherry:
Robot (triumphant orange circle) by zachcherry

9) :icone-tane:
Me sketch by E-tane

10) :iconscarlet-light:
Realism Practice - Baby Study One by scarlet-lightA More Sinister Hawthorne by scarlet-lightThe Chambers Beyond by scarlet-light

11) :icondennischunga:
A U T U M N by DennisChungaT h i s  W a y  U p by DennisChungaOctober Daze by DennisChunga

12) :icontooonday:
full face complete by TOOONDAYjabberwocky complete by TOOONDAYface vector completed by TOOONDAY

13) :icontriinerg:
x - Springtime by TriinErgLights by TriinErgx - Toome Hill by TriinErg

14) :icongrishhak:
Yuki by GrishhakThree Dogs by Grishhak

15) :iconfirewario:
Fire Wario! by FireWarioFloral Sensation by FireWarioFlight Night Phoenix Celebration by FireWario

16) :iconweridofwerid:
Taking a Drink by WeridofWeridHaHa by WeridofWerid:thumb244277348:

17) :iconpopdavid:
The Life and Death of James Dean by PopDavidMarilyn ULTRA Pop by PopDavidLe Woman by PopDavid

18) :iconiminmydreams:

19) :iconosopod2:
Gumballs Porsche by Osopod2black water by Osopod2Flying Sam by Osopod2

20) :icon1500:
Restless by 1500Italy by 1500Sahara Skies by 1500

21) :iconoussika:
take a deep breath by Oussikalook up by Oussika

22) :iconnpcbot:
A Soldier's Life by NPCbotArt of the Reasoner - Pastel violet by NPCbotThe Jungle Takes Over by NPCbot

23) :iconsimone4390:
ann. by simone4390

24) :icondiddleh:
Kudu - Art Trade by diddlehFishing by diddleh

25) :icondemorafairy:
Battle for Night by DemoraFairyFly Away With Me by DemoraFairyFantasy Island by DemoraFairy

26) :icontiffntay:
Alice in the Park by tiffntayCelestial Arches by tiffntayPretty in Pink 2 by tiffntay

27) :iconpiclenose:
TrainingDay1 by PiclenoseTrainingDay3 by PiclenoseTrainingDay8 by Piclenose

28) :iconauroraunit-313:

29) :iconflorianmerkel:

30) :iconthedaydreaminggirl:
Safe by thedaydreaminggirlCatching moments by thedaydreaminggirlThe key by thedaydreaminggirl

31) :iconpamba:
Valentine by PambaGreen grass by PambaDew by Pamba

32) :iconplutonia-v41:
MS Paint - La Gioconda by Plutonia-V41MS Paint - Tetrachromacy by Plutonia-V41MS Paint - Roadside picnic by Plutonia-V41

33) :iconnarcaholic:

34) :icons1ghtly:
- Chicken - by S1ghtlyStars by S1ghtlyWolves by S1ghtly

35) :iconlachlanf:
Fire lasso by LachlanFUrban night-time by LachlanFThe tunnels on fire by LachlanF

36) :iconfalt-photo:
Zombilesque III by falt-photoLethal Combat by falt-photoIsis Fawn by falt-photo

37) :iconholly-fox:
Suspense by Holly-Fox

38) :iconxelyx:
Free Heart by XElYX

39) :iconferreson:
she explodes at night by Ferreson It's 2 in the Morning        It's been two years, and it's two in the morning. 'Why is he calling me now?' she thought. The phosphorescent glow and the buzz of the cell phone seemed to fill the hollow of the cold dark bedroom with an all too encompassing presence, much brighter and louder than it deserved to be. It was deafening, and the tiny glow illuminating the darkness so unnaturally felt like the stark contrast of light created a pocket in the night, with only a dense void of nothing beyond it.
She swiftly clicked the button to accept the call before the phone had another chance to disrupt that black void of the bedroom and before she'd taken any time to collect a thought of what to say. "...hello?" she said, soft and warily, after stretching an initial hesitation into a long pause.
"Why aren't you getting married? It's been 8 years, more probably. I think about this all the time. Let me help you make a choice. Help me to let go. What are you doing? Are you happ
Orchid Garden Patch Blrrrrz by Ferreson

40) :iconx9mmxtragedyx:
Underneath It All by x9mmxtragedyxRemember When by x9mmxtragedyxFading by x9mmxtragedyx

41) :iconjericawinters:

42) :iconfashionfreedom:
:thumb287382860: MakeupMakeup
disguises, enhances
changes appearances
Frequently used
causes addiction
She cannot picture
herself without it
A clean countenance
no longer attractive
in her eyes
is what it must be
with thick strokes
on delicate waterlines
and lashes like
spider legs
Luring tinted lips
and rosy cheeks
sparkly lids
a flawless skin finish
Walks the halls
flaunting perfection
but she knows
it's all fake
The beauty within
captures attention
A pretty face is nothing
without the personality
to match it

43) :iconeclipsing:
SeeU by EclipsingH a l c y o n by Eclipsing

44) :iconphoenixlumbre:
Aloha by PhoenixLumbreFlying in Fire by PhoenixLumbreApproaching the Rose by PhoenixLumbre

45) :iconlyshadowrex:

46) :iconkerdersty:
Chicken Queen by KerderstyThat's That by KerderstyTo the Gray Country by Kerdersty

47) :iconhazeldazel:
Monarch caterpillar v1 by hazeldazel22 years to grow by hazeldazelOhakune Stream by hazeldazel

48) :iconporksiomai:
T.K. by porksiomaiChall2 Page3 by porksiomaiG2 by porksiomai

49) :iconmtmac:
PERV by mtmac

50) :iconaltanimator:
The Ever Careless lot, teethered existence to mundane chores.
The Ever Priviledged, Aloofed by ominance & hedonistic behaviors.
Pass the mountain tops
Across the wilderness
venture the seas
the heart yearns to go home
back to where each of us hold dear
a litany of the soul.
To steadfast is to believe
as to trust is to have faith.
Etched deep within each of you
is the voice of reason & insidious whisper.
What is an "Idea"?
a concept which can drive people.
Voices of the past coalesque
each carries their own tempo & pitch
A hymn of the ages.
I have a passion for words.
Bereft hope
Fall into Quagmire.
Chivalry, justice, truth, camaderie,
is it really an archaic concept?
in a world full of lies, vanity, cheats & double crosses.
Is there meaning in life,
without love?
Inspiration cultivates creativity.
The more you comprehend
the more questions you
Design Studio III Midterm by altanimatorDesign Studio III Assignment 2 by altanimator

51) :iconthat-moody-artist:
After the Rain by that-moody-artistIn the Breeze by that-moody-artistShadowed by that-moody-artist

52) :iconvandiabloart:
Salij - Tempest of Death by VanDiabloArtThe Cause For Retribution by VanDiabloArt

53) :iconfractilatedwormhole:
Saucers from Beyond by fractilatedwormholetrippin through time by fractilatedwormholeLife into a Rabbit by fractilatedwormhole

54) :iconjoycelynsiew:
Murujuga Reflections by JoycelynSiew

55) :iconxiraus:
Summer days by XirausGone Hunting by XirausFire Dance by Xiraus

56) :icontheasianraccoon:
Meet Isabel by TheAsianraccoonfairy by TheAsianraccoon

57) :iconmgonzales041090:
Untitled Figure Study by mgonzales041090Untitled Bike Drawing by mgonzales041090Untitled Figure Study by mgonzales041090

58) :iconremi-is-a-sexy-llama:
Roxy Lalonde by Remi-Is-A-Sexy-LlamaZODIAC OCS by Remi-Is-A-Sexy-LlamaBLUE DRAGON by Remi-Is-A-Sexy-Llama

59) :iconvishnu-viz:
George Clooney by Vishnu-VizLisbeth Salander (Rooney Mara) by Vishnu-Viz

60) :iconauroraunit-313:

61) :iconsingingstranger:
Guardian against will by singingstrangerCasey_ Commission by singingstranger

62) :iconhanahello:
Disgaea: Midnight Swim by hanahelloMiku Bread by hanahelloChibi Remilia by hanahello

A Journal feature for users, a compilation of topics. A big hello to all participants.
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